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Two Minds, One Solution

The unlikely but true story of Klemons. All Natural products begin with an acquaintance of two culturally diverse American-German women, Black and White, who lived in Mainz, a historical German capital city founded by Romans, and home of the printing press invention that revolutionized the spread of knowledge. 

Athena and Stephanie met at a private school for languages in the late 90’s and connected in spirit and intellect. Upon graduation, they separated ways. Each followed their individual endeavors, pursuing academics, and traveling the world. They did not stay in touch. 

25 years later, they met again through uncanny circumstances in the United States. These women discovered they had lived similar and parallel life experiences, in which both had overcome mental and physical ailments but equally shared the desire to engage and live a healthier life with natural products that worked, no longer seeking immediate relief in pharmaceuticals with side-effects. 

Klemons. All Natural Products was fully conceived at the right time. During Covid-19 in 2020, isolation and stress, loss and grief, mental health and fear challenged a great many people in our communities and around the world.

Coming out of the peak of the tech boom in 2000, the world moved rapidly into an instant society where immediate action and result driven mind-views permeated into daily living adding more health issues like stress, depression, lack of repose, increased competitiveness, sense of urgency, and removal from community and withdrawn discourse affecting us in an unhealthy way. 

It is in these times, where Athena and Stephanie's life experiences, focus on health, well-being, academics, knowledge in media-marketing, allowed this team of well rounded and educated women to discover and create natural, organic magnesium mineral products to help and support the body and mind feeling good again, invigorating the senses, and experiencing the freshness from the inside and out. We deserve it. 

Athena and Stephanie have successfully overcome hardships to find that balanced life. Klemons. is a reflection of this success and together, Klemons. walks with you on your path to feeling well and staying well. 

They now live tucked away in a quaint mountainous trail town of the Appalachian mountains. Known by the town’s locals as The Germans, these women continue to find inspiration for health in the serenity of the old mountains, streams, and forests. It is in the space of calm where the natural and healthy products of Klemons. are born.