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Klemons. All Natural and the K.Culture thrive to be an antidote to the instant society infusion, where Klemons. products, when applied and used, offer a time of mindfulness and feel good, where customers can take the exit back into the self. 

The  vision is to create a safe, healthy, and affordable quality product for all members of our society that is available online, and when applied to the body and immediate environment adds comfort and relief to the daily life of a person. A moment of self-care can be that difference. 

Our high-end magnesium, MSM (natural sulfur), and essential oil products are carefully selected with vivid attention and goals in mind. We want to introduce and share them with you.


We strive to use label, product and shipping packaging with the lowest possible impact to our environment. 

  1. Amber Glass - To protect ingredients against blue & UV light and photooxidation that can break down natural oils. Unlike plastic, glass does not leach chemicals the plastic may contain. 

  2. Cardboard Packaging - Readily recyclable and biodegradable.

  3. Packaging Tape - Ecofriendly & recyclable. 

  4. Packing Peanuts - Biodegradable & 100% natural and decomposable in water without toxic waste. FDA compliant. 

Our goal is to avoid plastic whenever possible. 


Depending on the product, it is either farmed under organic methods as stated by suppliers or natural or naturally found in nature, like Magnesium from the Dead Sea. 


Klemons. All Natural products are vegan skin care products. This means that our ingredients  are not made from an animal or an animal byproduct.

GRAS - Generally Regarded as Safe

Magnesium Chloride is generally recognized as safe (in food) under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 under its intended use. 

OptiMSM, the branded form of MSM (organic sulfur-containing compound) is generally regarded as safe (GRAS), designated and supported by safety data and published clinical trials. 


Klemons. stands out in the highly competitive wellness industry within the United States and global markets because its product-ingredients are uniquely formulated and blended with essential oils. 

The principal foundation of our products is magnesium or MSM (naturally occurring sulfur), depending on the product you select. 

The essential oils added to magnesium or MSM select products aim to target areas of general wellbeing and are only combined with natural oil constituents that have been safely used for hundreds of years to help ease the body and bring calm to the mind, when applied as intended.