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We Believe In Natural Remedies

Thank you for sharing a little of your precious time visiting us. We welcome you and are happy to share our Klemons. All Natural product inspiration with you. 

We are Athena and Stephanie, CEO, founder and co-owner of Klemons. We are a duo of international, multicultural German-American women, whose creative collaboration is inspired by you. That’s right. The desire you share with us to feel good in body and mind infuses us with the passion to create products that work towards that goal. 

The combination of natural magnesium and organic essential oils are applied to your body to support your bones, muscles, skin and overall well-being. Why?  Because you matter. 

Self-care and wellness begin by listening to the language of our body first and responding with awareness and healthy action. We want to walk on this journey with you, and the Klemons. collection of magnesium products supports the difference between being and well-being we all deserve. 


Athena and Stephanie

CEO, Founder

Director Content Manager, Co-Owner



The story of Klemons. 

Two Minds, One Solution

The unlikely but true story of Klemons. All Natural products begin with an acquaintance of two culturally diverse American-German women, Black and White, who lived in Mainz, a historical German capital city founded by Romans, and home of the printing press invention that revolutionized the spread of knowledge. 

Athena and Stephanie met at a private school for languages in the late 90’s and connected in spirit and intellect. Upon graduation, they separated ways. Each followed their individual endeavors, pursuing academics, and traveling the world. They did not stay in touch. 

25 years later, they met again through uncanny circumstances in the United States. These women discovered they had lived similar and parallel life experiences, in which both had overcome mental and physical ailments but equally shared the desire to engage and live a healthier life with natural products that worked, no longer seeking immediate relief in pharmaceuticals with side-effects. 

The infusion of their life experiences, focus on health, well-being, academics, knowledge in media-marketing, allowed these well rounded and educated women to discover and create natural, organic magnesium mineral products to help and support the body and mind feeling good again, invigorating the senses, and experiencing the freshness from the inside and out. 

Athena and Stephanie have successfully overcome hardships to find that balanced life. Klemons. is a reflection of this success and together, Klemons. walks with you on your path to feeling well and staying well. 

They now live tucked away in a quaint mountainous trail town of the Appalachian mountains. Known by the town’s locals as The Germans, these women continue to find inspiration for health in the serenity of the old mountains, streams, and forests. It is in the space of calm where the natural and healthy products of Klemons. are born. 

We Promise

We understand the need to be selective for all consumers and chose vegan and gluten-free products. Products are carefully selected to combine the desired effects with clean ingredients.

We do not support animal testing!

We Guarantee

We are combining only pure ingredients with the highest standards in the production and are in line with homeopathic practices that serve your well-being. The formulas found in all Klemons. products are free from noxious ingredientspreservatives and additives.

We Love

With a love for nature and the environment, we resign to the use of plastic where possible. The design of the packaging consists of sustainable materials, such as glass. And we source our ingredients mindfully from only selected companies.

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