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Magnesium Therapy Bath LAVA Soak with Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Black Cumin Oil, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit & Marjoram, 12 oz.

Klemons. Magnesium Therapy Bath is a triple action feel good on body and mind. ⁠Our mineral therapeutic collection of aromatic bath essentials makes self-care feel even more special because Klemons. combines the unique blend of magnesium, sea salts and essential oils.

LAVA soak is a unique favorite among Klemons. Magnesium Therapy Bath Soak products. Be ready to experience the sensation of an unforgettably unique fragrance. If you are looking for novelty away from the known scents, LAVA soak will take you into an adventurous path with an imaginative experience. 

The choice for Black Hawaiian Sea Salt adds the one of a kind base-blend with a unique combination of ylang ylang, grapefruit, and marjoram. This incredible aroma combination is made with a specific  intention; a soothing experience that invigorates a harmonious crosstalk between body and mind. 

    • Ylang Ylang - main note of sweet, fruity flower as a joyful scent   
    • Grapefruit - balancing addition offers pep with refreshing hint of paradise  
    • Marjoram - woody hint of spice to draw you back to the earthly elements
    • Black Hawaiian Sea Salt - rich in minerals with slight cooling experience  

LAVA soak brings you a beautifully complex fragrance that is exotic and elevating. The sweetness is undeniably pristine, yet soft as not to overshadow the balanced blend of the subtle woody hint of spice and citrus. Together, you may not be able to discern each individual scent because the combination elevates your senses as a universally complete experience of a joyful combination. 

Use LAVA soak during your playful hours enjoying well-being. Even in times of discomfort to body and mind, this therapy bath blend renders soothing, yet elevating enjoyment when your body deserves it most. 

All KLEMONS. magnesium products are made exclusively in the USA from pharma-grade magnesium chloride. This guarantees the highest quality and purity.

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Black Cumin Oil, Cananga Odorata, Citrus Paradisi & Origanum majorana.

Directions: Fill your bathtub with warm water (not too hot). Add 1 - 2 oz. to running water. Stir water with hands until the mineral salt is evenly dissolved. Enjoy the aromatic mineral experience for at least 15 minutes. Black Hawaiian Sea Salt may leave easily removable residue on the surface of your tub, due to the dark color.